Shocking Psychic Predictions

A prediction is a declaration about the way things will happen in the near future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge. A psychic prediction may be a proclamation that someone outcome is expected.

A good psychic prediction should be plain and clear, transparent and demonstrate real accuracy to its audience. With psychic predictions there’s no hype or back linking to other sites to get a believable prediction. Many psychic predictions have built their reputation by being a credible psychic who has been offering guidance to clients for many years in the psychic field.

Psychic predictions for 2013 are in, and the top seers in the field have made some forecasts which are either out-and-out predictions or completely off-the-wall. Some of the shocking psychic predictions are:

  1. A disease killing horses around the world.
  2. A lot more of the population will move to rural areas.
  3. Nuclear attack on New York.
  4. Meteor Strike in the US.
  5. Stock markets world-wide will close for one week.
  6. Man-eating plants.
  7. Another catastrophic earthquake in Japan.
  8. And many more (hundreds of predictions about World, Celebrity, Wild Weather, The Royals, Sports, Death and Health, etc.)

Are all of these true? Will these happen? How many of them will come true? These are the questions that most people ask about the psychic predictions.

Other physics predict events, such as:

Shocking Psychic Predictions
  • Psychic Tara – Greene of Toronto, Ontario has released her predictions for 2013 on everything from major health alerts to the economy, the environment, weather and more.
  • Vine – A natural born clairvoyant medium, I’m being shown a spiritual vision cautioning of a new disease that needs to have the medical and pharmaceutical companies ready to respond. The remote vision I am shown are unusual snails changing their microbes map. I see human interaction and germs being released from the gastropod microbes.
  • LaMont Hamilton – world psychic, 2013 is going to be a very exciting and challenging year with many changes coming to our country. While some people will seek a positive experience in these changes, others will be influenced more by fear or negativity which will only attract increasing hardships in their lives. My suggestion is to hang on tight and try to find the positive aspects in everything that happens and have Faith that God & Country will always prevail no matter what you see or hear on the news.

Whether you believe it or not, it has an effect in people’s lives and that will all depend on how psychics handle their readings. Having a psychic prediction is like reading fairy tales. You cannot expect fairy tales to actually happen in real life. But you know that these fairy tales have taught you valuable lessons. Like fairy tales it can guide us as we grow up.

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